Breeding at Curly Horse Ranch

In 1994 Jim Washington began looking for just the right Curly Stallion to complement the type of Curly the family was purchasing. With the acquisition of Teddy, Tory, Lady and Daisy it was clear that the family was looking for Curlies that were: about 15+hh; built like a traditional stock horse; posses the famous calm & easy going Curly temperament; have year round curly manes & tails and the stamina to easily handle 3 hour weekend rides in the foothills of the high desert of California.

In 2004 Jim finally found his stallion at Mary & Doug’s Cactus Curlies ranch in Tucson, Arizona. At the beginning of 2005 Jim & Ann brought Gabriel’s Image (ABC 2303) from nice warm & dry Tucson to Curly Horse Ranch and arrived at the beginning of a storm that didn’t let up for 2 weeks. Poor “Gabe” was not use to cold, damp and muddy conditions but he showed that he comes from tough Curly stock and a lot of rain, cold and mud wasn’t going to darken this new adventure he was beginning.

Gabe was born in 1997 (Pedigree.pdf) in the state of Washington. His sire, Gate City Gabriel (ABC#1684), is a gorgeous Curly pinto and his dam, Prides Lady in Red (ABC#1646), a beautiful sorrel Curly. Cactus Curlies’ Mary & Doug bought Gabe when he was only 6 months old. Gabe was their first Curly and they admired his pinto markings and sweet disposition. Gabe’s temperament was soon to come in handy when he grew up to exceed Doug & Mary’s size expectations by a considerable mark. As Doug & Mary have relayed, “He just outgrew us”. So instead of being 15hh he stands 16.3hh. Jim is convinced that the 8 years of love but firm handling Gabe received from Mary & Doug have helped with his ability to rapidly pickup new training lessons.

With Gabe growing up in Tucson he did not have access to a lot of Curly mares. Mary & Doug did not want to get involved in training Gabe for AI breeding, so as of 2006 he only had four offspring’s. During 2005, Gabe was taught how to breed for AI and his test results for count, motility and survivor ability came back with outstanding results. The Washington's had hoped to breed two mares to Gabe in 2005 but both mares had infections that were not cured until after the 2005 breeding season. Both mares were successfully bred to Gabe in 2006. (Progeny Pictures)

Personal thoughts from Jim Washington:

When I went to pick up Gabe in Tucson it was my third visit to Cactus Curlies. Gabe conveyed to me that he knew our lives were linked to each other and that leaving Doug & Mary after 8 years was not going to be an issue. So it seems that all of us, Doug, Mary, Gabe & Jim were in perfect agreement, that in order for Gabe to achieve his destiny it was time to change homes. To this day, I still feel a strong bond with Gabe and every time I see him he exhibits respect and an eagerness to learn like no other horse I have ever known. I began my search for this Curly Stallion before he was even born. I truly believe that Gabriel’s Image is destined to make an impact on this breed!

If you’re thinking of breeding your mare, I would recommend you come visit Curly Horse Ranch and personally checkout Gabe. In addition to seeing a Curly that will truly take your breath away, you can also enjoy our sunny Southern California weather and Curly Horse Ranch hospitality! (Breeding Contract.pdf)

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